The Quinn Brothers

Martin Quinn

Martin Quinn has been playing the accordion as a solo player and as part of groups such as Lá Lugh, Dorsa and Oirialla for over 30 years. Martin took up the accordion in the early 1980's and over the years has become regarded as one of its finest exemplars. He began repairing and tuning accordions in 1996 and has become an exceptionally trustworthy authority in the field in the years since. Because of this wealth of experience, Martins goal is to ensure that the highest quality sound and ease of play are of the utmost importance in the production of these instruments.

Damien Quinn

Damien Quinn has worked with his hands for most of his life and is passionate about working with wood. He eventually joined Martin repairing and restoring older accordions. Before long he started making components for these older models to bring them back to their former glory. A short time after that Martin suggested they should start producing their own accordions in their own name. With this in mind, Damiens goal is to make sure their instruments are crafted with the highest quality materials (locally sourced when possible), and to handmake instruments that rival the best on the market in overall quality.

Photo by: Martin Donohoe @ Fleadh in Drogheda 2019